What is SR-22?

SR-22 (Safety Responsibility Insurance Certificate) is proof a drivers financial responsibility.  It must be filed with the state as proof that the driver has the minimum insurance coverage required by the state. 

Why do I need an SR-22?

In many states, when a driver receives a ticket for Driving With A Suspended License, Drving Without Insurance, DUI, or DWI their license is suspended.  In most cases, in order to get their  license reinstated an SR-22 Filing with the state is required.

Can I Get an SR-22 Filing, If Don’t Own a Vehicle?

Yes.  The Auto Insurance Company can File an SR22 Non-Owners Filing.  Non-Owners Insurance policies are for drivers who do not own a car.

Can I Get My Suspended Drivers License Reinstated The Same Day With an SR-22 Filing?

 Yes.  We will provide you with a money saving quote for an SR-22 Filing.   The Auto Insurance Company can process the policy over the phone in a matter of minutes.  Most states will accept a fax copy of the filing from the Insurance Company, and allow you to reinsate your drivers license the same day.  Most people are amaze at how easy the process can be. 

What Happens if I Let My SR-22 Lapse or Do Not Renew My Policy?

The auto insurance carrier notifies the state that the coverage has lapsed, and the state will suspended your license immediately.  You will have to reinstate your current policy, or get another policy with an SR-22 Filing.

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